Saturday, July 16, 2011

Busy Busy

Here are some pictures that I have taken around here the past couple weeks.  We have had some beautiful weather so we have been spending time playing outside.  Since we got home from our trip a couple weeks ago Samuel has started crawling and is quite the mover now!  He is just about to start pulling up on things as well.  He is into EVERYTHING!  Jack and Dustin are so helpful though to let me know when he has something he is not supposed to--usually because it is something of theirs.  It is so hard to believe that Samuel is almost 1 and Jack is almost 5!!

our big boy who is almost 11 months old--so crazy

now that he is mobile he is into everything

our 3 boys

Samuel having a snack outside

Have I mentioned he really loves to eat?

he was trying to crawl to me (I moved off the blanket) and this is the face after he touched the grass

another great face

now that is better (scooted back on the blanket)

sweet smile

trying to get my camera--he was almost standing up to get to it
he looks so old here

can't get enough of those blue eyes

I told you :)

playing in the water table

they could stand there and play for hours

I love these boys!!

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